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hyphae (ˈhī-​fē)  Beneath the surface of the Earth, hypha networks connect plants and trees to each other, transferring water and nutrients, nourishing nascent plants, helping the whole biome thrive.

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I grew up reading the landscape of the Appalachian Mountains before I could read a book. It is where my imagination ran wild and my love of story began. Evolving within and rooted to the sensorial branching narratives of the natural world is why I'm so drawn to immersive and experiential storytelling formats that serve to expand perception and shift perspectives. 

As a creative, strategist and executive producer, I work as a quiet force orchestrating, empowering, and innovating award-winning projects. Deep listening and boundless curiosity power my vision and I am endlessly drawn to the experimental edge of creativity. My career charts a path of entertainment innovation - from tv, streaming series and studio films to documentary, VR, and IRL radical  collaborations in some of the most remote locations in the world. My credit highlights include: The Wire (HBO), House of Cards (Netflix), the first Bhutan International Arts Festival, Gamefulness- ChinaJoy/ Shanghai (HP/Intel) and Ocean of Air (MLF/Saatchi Gallery London), Elemental; Immersive Feast with Chef Charles Michel, Be Hear Now (Bose), and WildVenture XR, (Hyphae/WVXR Ltd).

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Before I could walk I was thrown into the deep end of a pool. Over and over again, across my few decades, I have swum in all manner of deep ends - world-class gymnastics, Wharton, Coachella, WWOOFing, Madison Avenue, Cannes. Uncharted territory has thus become my milieu. My first documentary pushed the bounds of editing and design (and racial marketability), winning dozens of awards including a coveted Sundance Film Festival prize. My first foray into television challenged us to create visually “impossible” digital set pieces for a little show called American Idol. The first music festival I produced broke all kinds of rules, smashed its metrics and won top industry honors for our client Land Rover. While deeply passionate about climate and social justice, I've had few opportunities to use my talents in the service of humanity.

When the Covid hit, I vowed to devote my superpowers for good once and for all. At that time, only one thing was clear: We needed to use this unbelievable moment to craft a better world. We founded Hyphae to do just that.

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Change has been one constant throughout my life. Storytelling has been my anchor. I was born in Mexico City and spent my early years in Tlapacholoya climbing trees and running through the corn and coffee fields. I was raised in my home country, Morocco and Spain and attended over 10 different schools before I was 16. In 2015 I graduated from Performing Arts Institut Lluís Domènech i Muntaner and moved to London to au pair for a lovely family of incredible filmmakers and writers. Having always been fascinated with storytelling, I felt just at home and had the opportunity to travel and meet creatives from many backgrounds but mainly Film & TV media. This experience led me to pursue a career in production. In 2017 I relocated to Mexico City and started working at Plural Films, where I coordinated and assisted in the production of several projects including concert videos, documentaries and news pieces for the London Times and Channel 4 UK. In 2019, I served on the production team for Diego Luna’s "Pan y Circo" for Amazon Prime Video.

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